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We are professional access control installers, guarantee the best technical advice and service there is on the market. We have had some excellent experience with projects ranging from a single door access system to a multi-site multiple hundred door integrated security systems.

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Providing Reliable Access Control Solutions

We provide full installation and set up of electronic access control systems and security equipment & have been installing and maintaining access systems for more than 5 years. We offer biometric based access control systems, tailor-made to suit your security needs. We only specify equipment from proven manufacturers to provide the best solutions.

We strive to be a leading provider of access control systems in Kenya, with an uncompromising focus on customers and the solutions we deliver. Our team knows how important it is to create safe spaces you can trust, whether for your family home or business. 

Types Of Access Control Systems

Our access control systems provide a reliable first line of defence against intruders while being unobtrusive and convenient for residents, staff and visitors, by managing access and regulating only authorised people to enter a premise or even a specific room and restricting access to unauthorised people.

1. Stand-alone access control

Can be used to control access on one or many separate doors in a building. Access is gained by using a numeric code, or PIN with a keypad, or by presenting a proximity token or magstripe token, depending on which type of reader is fitted. As a result, each door has to be individually programmed. Stand-alone systems are great for smaller sites with a relatively small number of users, token management is simple, and the system can be extended easily as your requirements change.

2. Networked access control

Is a system where the doors are controlled from a central point or computer via a network. This system offers the flexibility of managing a single or multiple doors from a single point. These systems are great for medium to large sites as they make managing large numbers of doors and users easy.